If you search for "overseas warehouse" online, you'll find that each company's charging method is dizzying! Dozens of charging options for various sizes, lengths, widths, heights, and weight combinations; Charges for receiving goods, shipment handling fees, and management fees for inactive goods; And of course, the major expense - storage fees! Before you start it, tens of thousands are gone, and you haven't even started your business.

We have only two models. Let's see if we can save you some money. Plan 1: Charge only for storage.

Plan 2: Simple charge method.

Plan 1. Only Charge Storage Fee.


  1. You have your independent sales website and advertise on platforms like TikTok and Facebook.

  2. After receiving an order, your website collects the full payment.

  3. Then, you notify us via email to ship and provide us with the shipping invoice.

  4. We print your shipping order, affix it to your goods, and hand it over to the transport company.

  5. Once the transport company collects the goods, the transaction is complete.

  6. For all the above processes, we don't charge any fee or commission.


  1. Goods sent to us, from China to the U.S., must be door-to-door, with no additional costs incurred, and no paperwork required. International shipping companies in China can easily accomplish this.

  2. The goods you send must be in their final packaging; no additional packaging is needed since labor here is costly.

  3. You handle the local transport in the U.S., making payments online, which is straightforward. This method helps minimize costs. Just email us the shipping invoice.

  4. For each batch of goods, send us an Excel inventory sheet. Update this sheet after each shipment.

  5. We won't charge for any of the above procedures or take commissions.

Excluding container unloading


  1. 30 days of storage are free.

  2. From the 31st day onwards, it's $0.95 per cubic meter per day.

  3. For example, if you have 1.3 cubic meters of goods stored in our warehouse for 60 days, the calculation is: 1.3 cubic meters X $0.95 X (60 days - 30 days) = $37.05.

  4. This $37.05 covers 60 days of rent and includes all fees like storage, handling, inventory management, contact with U.S. local shipping, labeling, returns, reshipping, and more.

  5. This fee doesn't include container unloading charges.

  6. This fee doesn't cover local U.S. shipping charges.

  7. This fee doesn't cover packaging damage that requires us to repurchase boxes.

If you find the above procedures too complicated, you can opt for our "Simple charge method":

  1. We have a one-stop shipping solution (UPS or Postal service).

  2. We offer nationwide truck delivery (pallets).

  3. We handle repackaging.

  4. We manage returns.

  5. We handle individual Amazon order processing.

  6. We cater to Amazon FBA deliveries.

Sequoia Warehouse

Lowest prices in the U.S.

Having an U.S. warehouse is crucial for your company to tap into the U.S. market! Especially for large items that Amazon doesn't accept, or for items shipped too slowly from China, customers are impatient. For many small items that Amazon has limited stock, like seasonal promotional items such as Christmas decorations, by the time you restock your product, the sales peak might already be over.


Plan 2: Simple charge method

Elevate your business to soar!